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Advisor Best Practices is a series of proven solutions to help advisors strengthen their client Retention, Acquisition and Wallet Share.

How do your R.A.W. Skills measure up?

Building a Client Referral Network

A Practice Management Workshop on How to Build a Client Referral Process and Network. We focus on how to turn prospects into clients and clients and their trusted advisors into referral advoctes.  

Building Trust Through Process

A strong defined process enables a prospect to envision what the client experience is like.  No surprises!  This article will reflect on building an investment management process for Wealth Advisors.  To be able to define your process in a series of steps will help you build trust with prospects and clients alike.  


Defining Your Value in the Absence of Investment Performance

How do you define your value in the absence of investment performance?  Given recent market volatility and continued uncertainty, many advisors may need to defend their value.  Some questions you may want to ask yourself are...


The Referral Advocate Method

The Referral Advocate Method is a step-by-step process to engage the trusted advisors to affluent investors and turn them into referral advocates.  We now enter the execution phase of the RAW Process.  Previous articles have discussed the steps and tools necessary to prepare for the Referral Advocate Method. 


Building an Advocacy Statement

An Advocacy Statement defines a wealth advisor's target market and how they deliver peace of mind to their clients. Constructing a strong statement is the first step to building an Advocate-based business. A business that nurtures symbiotic relationships with clients and their trusted advisors.


R.A.W. Skills Workshop - Building an Advocate-based Business

An advocate-based business nurtures symbiotic relationships with clients and centers of influence.  This workshop will introduce the 5-step process to turning prospects into clients and clients and their trusted advisors into referral advocates.

R.A.W. Skills Workshop - Avoiding the Trust Deficit

Client Retention, Acquisition and Wallet Share are the drivers of revenue growth for wealth advisory businesses.  Sharpening your skills and assessing your strengths and weaknesses are a continuous and deliberate process on the road to building and maintaining a healthy business. 

Trust Deficit – What is it? And how to avoid it!

Every prospecting encounter is susceptible to a trust deficit.  How to avoid this relationship roadblock needs to be addressed by all sales professionals.   What is a trust deficit?  It’s the cold shoulder, it’s the blank stare, it’s the unwillingness of a prospect to share their concerns or needs with a salesperson.  This shield of defense significantly diminishes the odds of success to building a relationship. 


Four Steps To Elevating Trust and Growth

Our aim is to be our clients’ Trusted Advisor. In order to elevate the relationship, the modern wealth advisor must now address their clients’ concerns beyond investments.  A Trusted Advisor must protect their clients from all elements of risk, like circling the wagons. Today’s wealth advisor continues to evolve as they embrace this vital paradigm.  Here’s how they’re doing it…